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The Halberd (hal-bird) is a weapon that rose to prominence during medieval times. A design masterpiece changing the rules of the battlefield. It’s a symbol for what we wanted our design and consultancy business to be. Halberd can help you with all your graphic design needs and give the right advice to excel your branding. We make sure that when you hit the battlefield you are armed with the right weapons for maximum impact.

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Halberd can create designs tailored to your needs that visually appeal to you and your clients. From logos, printed stationery, signage, digital media or clothing – it’s about communicating the right message to achieve your goals.



Sometimes your business needs to look outside it’s organisation for assistance to grow and respond to changing times. Halberd have over 20 years industry experience in sales and marketing to help your business reach the next level.


Marketing Solutions

It’s not just about designing your exceptional logo. As the designer, we can make sure that your branding is consistent across mediums by managing your brand. Working directly with business partners, Halberd makes it easier for you.


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With over 25 Years industry experience in Graphic Design, Print, Screen Printing, Signage, Web, Social Media, Photography, Marketing and Sales we are sure to be able to help your brand along. The last 9 nine years spent with KTM Australia, Husaberg Australia and Husqvarna Motorcycles Australia gave us invaluable insights that we are now passing on to you.

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Proper brands require proper branding. Where do you stand?

With decades of experience in the industry, we are confident we will design something for you that you will absolutely love and last you for years to come. Invest in your company by investing in professional level artwork.

Company Branding

Your branding is what captures your company’s personality, bundles it up into one easily recognised theme and is what reminds people of just who you are.

Signage & Promotional

In the digital age, traditional marketing materials still have their place. Signage and promotional design is important if you want to send a consistent message across all your promotional channels.

Print Media

Needing posters, brochures and other print material? Let us design it for you. We are also lucky to be working with some of Perth’s best printers.

Social Media

Have you ever come across a Facebook business page with an amateur-level cover picture? Don’t be that person. People look to justify their purchasing decision by looking on social media, don’t make them regret it.


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